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RxScala brings Reactive Extensions to Scala. Rx was first implemented for .NET, and is now being implemented in Java. The RxScala project is an adaptor for RxJava. Its code is in a subdirectory the RxJava repository, and it’s also distributed from there on Maven Central.

Get started by looking at RxScalaDemo.scala, the RxScalaExamples, or the Scaladoc.

There’s also a comparison table between Java Observable and Scala Observable.


This library is not yet finished. You have to expect breaking changes in future versions.


Binaries and dependency information can be found at http://search.maven.org.

Example for sbt:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.netflix.rxjava" % "rxjava-scala" % "x.y.z"

Note that rxjava-scala depends on rxjava-core, so if you download the jars manually, don’t forget rxjava-core.


Just use the same communication channels as for RxJava: